RiverWoods Social Services

Social Services

Person-centered Care

At some times in our lives, during transitions or a period of change, we may need extra support. RiverWoods has four full-time professional social workers on staff, who are here to serve as advocates for residents, and to help residents and their families make sometimes difficult decisions.

There is no fee for this service and no limit on time. The Social Services group holds a number of on-going support groups, so that residents feel welcome to stop in, chat and get to know the staff.

Because our experienced team works individually with residents, they develop relationships, and they understand the different coping and communication styles that people adopt, and adjust their approach to fit each situation.

Our Social Services team provides the following services:

- Resident advocacy

- Support groups

- Liaison with hospitals

- Family work

- Transitions

- Individual and couples counseling

- Support for independent and health care residents

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You're Not on your Own at RiverWoods. 

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