Financial stability

Financial Stability

A smart financial decision

A critical aspect of making a good economic choice about senior living is finding a secure and financially sound organization, particularly in times when the economy is volatile. RiverWoods not only has a long history in the CCRC industry, but is also consistently financially stable, year after year. Our strong balance sheet enables us to weather economic storms. As an independent organization, we have grown thoughtfully, maintained strong occupancy, and have historically performed well against industry financial benchmarks.

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Our Occupancy Speaks Volumes:

Occupancy is a leading indicator of financial stability, and RiverWoods has had an excellent track record of high occupancy. Within the CCRC industry, stable occupancy is considered 90%; high occupancy is 95%, and we have consistently run higher than 95%. Even as we added a third campus and 100 new units in 2010, we have maintained high occupancy.

2016 - 99%
2015 - 99%
2014 - 98%
2013 - 96%
2012 - 96%
2011 – 96%* & 93%*
2010 – 97%
2009 – 97.5%
2008 – 97%
2007 – 97%
2006 - 96%

*96% for Woods/Ridge combined; 93% with all three campuses included.

Strong leadership to weather turbulent markets and growth

Another indicator of RiverWoods’ financial strength occurred during a time of great global financial uncertainty. In the fall of 2008, RiverWoods was one of only five not for profit CCRCs nationwide to achieve project financing. We borrowed $72 million in November, 2008, and opened a brand new 100 unit campus, The Boulders in March, 2010, on time and under budget. The campus reached 80% occupancy in the first three months. Short term debt for the project was repaid 1 ½ years ahead of schedule.

Our independent Board of Trustees examines our financial performance, and this group consists of financial and accounting professionals, with varied backgrounds. Our financial performance is also reviewed monthly with our Resident Finance Committee.