Since our founding in 1994, RiverWoods has created many opportunities to contribute to our greater community.

Community Outreach

If living your life to the fullest means helping others do the same- then RiverWoods is a great place to start. Our founders wove the spirit of service throughout the RiverWoods commitments: “To be a responsible community that participates in the life of the larger community around it.”

Since our founding in 1994, RiverWoods has created many opportunities to contribute to our greater community. Both as individuals, and as an organization, RiverWoods employees and residents are involved in many causes throughout the greater Seacoast area, and are known for their charitable work. Whether it’s reading at a local school, knitting mittens for children, building picnic tables for a local teen center, or lending a helping hand to Meals on Wheels, RiverWoods residents share their time and talents.

100 local causes:

The RiverWoods Outreach Committee provides a great source of information and active involvement in the larger community, through service. There are numerous outreach opportunities offering multi-generational activities and a wide array of causes. A recent survey yielded a total of more than 100 local causes and organizations where RiverWoods residents contribute their time, including:

Arts in Reach, a local non-profit that encourages teenage girls to express themselves with art

The Lions Club Eyesight project

The IMEC program, which collects toiletries to send to our troops overseas

Tutors and classroom aides for Main Street Elementary School

Participation in local boards, and town committees

Teaching cooking classes, gardening and woodworking at New Teen Outlook Center, which offers after-school programs to middle school kids.

Residents teaming up for a good cause (2:10 min)

Volunteer Opportunities

If you have a local cause that you would like to invite RiverWoods residents to volunteer for, please click here to complete an application. 

“The RiverWoods Event”

The RiverWoods Event is a gala and live and silent auction held every 18 months, and open to all. RiverWoods donates many items and time to organize the event. All event proceeds go to the designated charity. The most recent gala event netted $85,000 in one evening for Child and Family Services of New Hampshire (CFS).

Click here to visit the RiverWoods Gala Event page and for information on how your non-profit can get involved.